Chapter 9- The Rumble, Attack on Azerin

As the group finishes their time in the Breathing, they learn that the breathing is also a perfect opportunity for enemies. The moment it’s over.
List of Villains: Bran, The Laughing Rose, Ambu, Demacia, and Aboleths.
List of Allies: Edra, Viridia, Montu, Gould, Master Reno, Commander Greisson, and Bruenor.

First, Cedric will receive a note from the Ambu for a mandatory meeting.
Second, Master Breno calls for Sir Ross
Third, Mygus will spot Viridia on the run
Fourth, Bran will appear before the rest, to get information on the fortress.

Behir, Chuul, Death Knight.

Cedric’a Event: After meeting with the Ambu Agent, Striker, he is surrounded and interrogated about the whereabouts of his mother. When things grow tense, the Laughing Rose kills the Ambu and meets Cedric. He wanted to enact some vengeance on the Ambu, deliver a message from Kinus, and meet Cedric to measure him.

Sir Ross: Called by Master Reno and Commander Griesson he is informed that Demacia is planning an attack on Azerin for remaining neutral in order to take control of it’s magical means. He requests Sir Ross help them fight back the armies.

Mygus’s Event: Mygus spots Viridia running away. He soon learns of Montu and of the Chuul, Behir, and Death Knight, chasing them. Hints on plot to the Aboleth.

Rest (Optional): Bran reappears, making himself known to whoever is not busy. He will interrogate them on the fortress.

Chapter 9- The Rumble, Attack on Azerin

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