Chapter 4- Forgotten Magic

After returning to Kinus the group discovers that He has no interest in the Nexus statue. He wanted Adrian dead. Once satisfied, he will send them after what he really wants. The Cynosure of Chaos. An ancient item of Chaos magic hidden in the Hills of the Lost in Poktrel. However, first the group will have to travel to Ulbourn in order to pick up and escort an associate of Kinus’s, Wizard Goer.

This Journey will be lengthy so they are given three months to complete this task.

Upon leaving, wherever they sleep, they will find new Items hidden for them.

Cedric: A grapple rope. A rope attached to a mechanical piece of work which spreads hooks upon impact.

Castien: A short hand written note on Shadow Stepping.

Sir Ross: An Ever Torch Bracer lock that channels Divine power.

Nessi: Fang: A short bow that deals natural damage and runs off wisdom.

Mygus: An Arcane Archers
1d6 physical damage. It can store 15 charges, each spell slot 3rd or under refills 5. Anything higher refills all 15.

1 charge: magic missile at level 1. Cast at a higher level requires 2 additional charges.
3 charges: Melfs Acid Arrow at level 2. Cast at a higher level requires 3 additional charges.
5 charges: you may cast any touch targeted spell as a ranged spell attack within 60 feet.

Runt: A Ram.

Fearox: A Dwarven Attunement Stone.

Raz: A letter from Airi and a stone of Communment.

Chapter 4- Forgotten Magic

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