Dagger of the Great Smith: +1 to attack and damage. On a critical the target immediately turns to stone over 1d4 rounds.

Helm of Stomachs Strength: +10 to Ac. Throws up every minute. -3 on all attacks.

Rod of immovability.

Arrow of poisoned entanglement: Dex saving throw of 18. If failed they begin taking 2d6 damage every round caught in it.

Necklace of the Third eye: For one minute the wearer is able to focus and make contact with one willing target. They can see and hear the target, but everything around them is a blur. Once a day.

Crystalis of Paths: These two crystals seem to radiate warmth when close together. The crystals can be used to guide the holder toward the other crystal.

Ring of animal speaking: Causes unstoppable hiccups, but the wearer can speak with animals.

Permanents Scroll of Evards Black Tentacles.

Dice of Lucks Encumbrance: Each dice holds a different school of magic in it and each number has a different magical effect.

D4: Divination
D6: Illusion
D8: Abjuration
D10: Conjuration
D12: Evocation
D20: Necromancy
D100: Enchantment

SCROLL OF LUZ: Hidden sacred treasure. Cultists. On the southern coast of Hyl.

Great Smiths Blessing Pommel: Earthen Spells

+2 Splint Armor

Ioun Stone (Insight) +2 to Wisdom Score while this incandescent Blue sphere orbits your head.

Spell Scroll: Cure Wounds

Circlet (Pendant) of Never Death: Arcane Armory volume 1, page 4


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