Ground Rules

This will be the page which tells you how to do the stuff. And the things.

This campaign will be an extremely open world with very little guiding from the DM. There are many quests for you to embark on and most of them are interconnected. Due to this fact we will utilize this site a lot in order to keep everything organized. As all of you know, I like to plan ahead and give you what you need to solve traps and puzzles or complete a quest before hand. Sometimes a lot before hand. Thus the necessity of this. You will need to keep organized and updated as we go in order to complete the campaign and win at life in general. You have all been shown how to use the site so I expect you to. Mercilessly. You will keep track of your character, adventures and items here and on paper if you desire.

Combat has been revised to run faster. First, There will be an Initial Information Period. The IIP is when each of you get to make one check for information just before combat. Use this time to get a lay of your surroundings and anything you can use in battle. The exceptions to this is if you are surprise attacked, in which you are flat footed and do not gain the IIP, or if the enemy does not see you and you can take more time to make more checks for information. Now you three will have seven seconds to decide what to do, then you will roll for both attack and damage, assuming you hit. Initiative will decide who I ask what they did first. In that seven seconds you are allowed to communicate unless deemed otherwise impossible. i.e.. If one person is across the mountains. Not ok. Use this communication time to come up with better solutions in combat then “I hit it.” Use your surroundings to trap or maim. Use your companions to preform combo attacks and deal extra damage.

As stated above, this campaign is fairly complex and open. Be sure to use the forum, wiki pages and adventure log to keep in communication with each other to determine goals and how to get there, to figure out puzzles and items. Once again, it is highly suggested that you keep up with your adventure log, probably during round, in order to remember important details. Make sure your information for your character remains updated or you will suffer from my lack of knowledge.

Experience will be placed into a group pool and you will all level together. Deal with it.

Starting level:
I greatly enjoy risk, lethality, and deadly traps and people. You will still be starting at level one despite this. Good luck.

Death is very very bad. Just don’t do that. You will go down a level if you do. And need to be resurrected. When you reach level 0 you are super dead and can’t come back. So don’t.

As you know, I love creativity, so if you want a special weapon to work toward and build or want to make an army or your own guild, talk about it and we shall see what we can do.

Ground Rules

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