Universal Gear

Very Rare


A priestess of Gond.
An oddly shaped gear, which looks as if it was once a part of a larger machine. This gear was supposedly created by a powerful priestess who wanted to know everything there was to know about machinery. Merely possessing it bestows unnatural curiosity upon the bearer.
You gain the mending cantrip and you can cast it using only verbal components. Additionally, you can attach the gear to any machine, by merely placing it on it and then casting mending on the two items. You can detach the gear at will. For as long as it is attached to it you have perfect knowledge of how the machine operates and know how to use it. This means that if you attach it to a vehicle you know how to drive it; you will also know how to operate a siege engine and the like. If you attach it to

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something like a door or a chest you know what the key looks like and gain advantage on all checks made to open it. If you attach the gear to a trap you gain advantage on all checks made to disarm it and know exactly how it is triggered.


Universal Gear

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