Quartermasters Pouch



A frustrated dwarven runesmith.
This unusual pouch is made of fine leather and is covered in very fine dwarven runic engravings. It is often used by desperate quartermasters who, having run out of weapons to give out, just pass it around and hope for the best. Legend tell of a dwarven smith who had so many customers that out of frustration he created these pouches and just gave them out to save some time on the less worthwhile orders.
This wondrous item has four charges and it regains 1d4 charges daily at dawn. By closing your eyes and reaching into the bag you may, by expending one charge, materialize a random weapon. The weapon is always masterfully crafted, but its properties are completely random. Roll on the following tables to determine its characteristics.
The weapons retain their usual properties, in addition to whatever they gain randomly.
1. Shape:
D6 Weapon Type
1 Club
2 Handaxe
3 Light Warhammer
4 Battleaxe 5 Warhammer
6 Greataxe

2. Properties:
D10 Properties
1 -2 Penalty to all attack and damage rolls. 2 -1 Penalty to all attack and damage rolls.
3 Cannot inflict critical hits. 4 Heavy, -5 feet movement speed.
5 Normal Weapon
6 Normal Weapon 7 Finesse, +5 feet movement speed. 8 Inflicts a critical on both a 19 and a 20. 9 +1 Bonus to all attack and damage rolls. 10 +2 Bonus to all attack and damage rolls.

The newly formed item exists for a minute. Nothing is stopping you from giving it to someone else, trying to sell it or simply reusing the bag to draw new weapons until you get a decent one.


Quartermasters Pouch

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