Orb of the Prophet



Also known as a Fate-defining Stone.
Wondrous Item, Very Rare. Requires Attunement by a Spellcaster.
Origins: An unnaturally accurate fortune-teller.
This fine crystal ball is often in the possession of unsuspecting fortune tellers, ones incapable of unleashing its true potential. People powerful enough to use its fate-defining properties often become tyrants and overseers, as such immense power usually corrupts absolutely. It is said that all crystal balls that predict an age-defining event eventually turn into these items, though many others suspect that only a deity would be capable of creating something as powerful as this.
This item has three charges and it regains 1d3 charges daily at dawn. As long as you are attuned to this item you may use an action and expend one charge to cast any of the following spells: commune, contact other plane or legend lore. Wisdom is your spellcasting modifier for these spells.
Additionally, whenever a creature that you can see performs an action that requires a d20 roll, you may use your reaction to change the result to a natural twenty by expending three charges.


Orb of the Prophet

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